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His Glory Beef

Product Fact Sheet:

  • Ingredient: Beef

  • Cooked: Sous Vide

  • Adult Servings Per Bag: 12

  • Shelf-Life: 10-25 Years

  • All-American Beef: Yes

  • Lab-Grown Meat: Nope

  • mRNA Jabs: Never

High-Quality Cooked and Freeze-Dried Beef for Long-Term Storage… Or Not

Eat well today AND eat well tomorrow.

Americans want great food today, but we also want to have great food to eat if things go south in a hurry. But unlike most companies that take the cheapest, worst parts of the cow, turn them into “beef crumbles,” and freeze dry them in hopes that their customers will never actually try to eat it, our premium beef cubes are sous vide, freeze-dried, and ready to be eat today or in a decade. We WANT you to eat our beef now so you can buy more!

“Whole Cows,” a brand by Prepper All Naturals, is veteran-owned and dedicated to serving Americans with everything we’ve got. We truly want to feed this nation now and in the future because we see the writing on the wall. The powers-that-be want us eating lab-grown meat, bugs, or worse.

With beef prices already high and expected to skyrocket before the end of the year, it behooves Americans to stock up on shelf-stable premium beef from Prepper All Naturals.

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The Beef Blog

Whole Cows is an America First company. Veteran-owned, we will never bow to the woke mob. Take advantage of 10% off at checkout with promo code “hisglory”.