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$29 Ham and Cheese Sandwich a Total Rip-Off — so Why Are NYers Eating It Up?

icon Jan 11, 2024

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$29 ham and cheese sandwich a total rip-off — so why are NYers eating it up?

New Yorkers are getting priced out — of eating sandwiches .

A ham and cheese sandwich at Eli Zabar’s E.A.T. on the Upper East Side now costs $31.57 — $29 plus tax — and Gothamites are experiencing intense sticker shock over the cost of what was once a working-class staple.

It sparked outrage among eaters when a Reddit thread with a photo of the sandwich captioned “$29 Ham and Cheese sandwich” drew more than 600 comments and 2,000 upvotes on Monday.“The first time I bought that sandwich I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ ” an Upper East Side psychologist who lives […]

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