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Dutch MEP Rob Roos Slams Globalists ‘Great Food Reset’ Policy: ‘No Farmers, No Food, No Future’

icon Jan 11, 2024

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Dutch MEP Rob Roos Slams Globalists 'Great Food Reset' Policy: 'No Farmers, No Food, No Future' (Video)

In a recent speech at the European Parliament, Dutch politician and current Member of the European Parliament, Robert “Rob” Roos, spoke out against the EU’s “Great Food Reset” policy, which he claims is leading to harrowing scenes in the Netherlands. Roos argued that farmers have been producing food for centuries and are an essential part of Europe’s heritage and culture. However, the EU and United Nation’s trade agreements are inundating the market with products from half the world, even as farmers are being killed off with legislation aimed at climate action, including the ban of nitrogen fertilizer, an essential […]

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