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Isn’t This the Best Plant Based Meat “Factory” in the World?

icon Jan 11, 2024

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I went to Chunky’s last week. The chairs are comfortable and adjustable, but the food is lousy – cute movie-themed names for menu items but not the best. One of the “burgers” was named the To Infinity and Beyond burger, made with – you guessed it – Beyond Beef.

“Made from plants and packed with 100% plant protein, the Beyond Burger is juicy, meaty, and delicious.”

I don’t think it is, and I would never order that I don’t want to encourage them. But it got me thinking. No, not that the carbon footprint of agriculture and manufacturing for fake meat is larger and the total environmental impact greater (though it is). It occurred to me that you needed a factory to turn all that agriculture and chemistry into fake “meat” in the first place; not a new thought by any means. I’ve made my share of jokes about the greening wake of fake meat fraud at every level. What occurred to me was that since the right words are all it takes to move the needle and messing up the language is now a full-contact sport, why not rename cattle? […]

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