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Revolver Created an AMAZING Original Recipe With Vax-Free Beef From Conservative, Vet-Owned Company

icon Jan 11, 2024

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When Revolver heard about the “Prepper Beef” cattle operation we were intrigued. It’s a conservative, veteran-owned company out of Texas that provides vaccine-free, wholesome beef to the masses. What’s not to love about that, right?

Jason Nelson, president and CEO of Prepper Beef, staunchly believes there’s a food war in America — particularly against beef. “There’s not only a war against beef but also against Americans being healthy,” Jason declared. Mr. Nelson, a physically disabled, highly decorated combat veteran who has served in two branches of the U.S. military knows a thing or two about war and how to emerge victorious. He’s the driving force behind his creation of Prepper Beef. […]

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