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Will Making Cows Extinct ‘Save The Planet’?

icon Jan 11, 2024

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What makes killing cows even more insane is that the political world has taken the word of (UN-IPCC) charlatans who claim methane (cow farts, natural gas) is a “powerful greenhouse gas” that is capable of dramatically warming Earth’s climate

Yet, back in the real world…

  1. Methane is not remotely capable of warming Earth’s climate. It is literally “blind” to most wavelengths of IR emitted from Earth’s surface as it attempts to cool.
  2. The term “greenhouse gas” is … way they claim it does.
  3. The expression “runaway greenhouse effect” is utter nonsense that displays a complete ignorance of the science of atmospheric warming. Such an effect is scientifically impossible.

Yet, here we are, allowing noise media reports to infuse such “climate change” ignorance into every noise report about anything just to keep the narrative alive. […]

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